Government entities provide vital services to the general population and interact with multiple national and international organizations. Information security and technology greatly impact government entities as they strive to provide efficient and effective services as well as ensure their assets are protected and secure.

From increasingly complex compliance requirements to malicious information security attacks, IT governance, security services and tools can address various challenges along with proper knowledge and experience

BH5’s team of Security, Compliance and IT Consultants understand that the challenges and needs of the public service and government are vast and require viable solutions.

BH5 consulting teams have provided the following services to national and international government entities:

Risk Management solutions such as:

  • Developing an Information Security Plan
  • Developing an Enterprise Risk Management Program
  • Conducting Information Security Assessments
  • Creating information security Policies, Standards and Procedures
  • Conducting assessments such as Vulnerability Assessments, Application Assessments and Penetration Testing, to protect government entities’ confidential information from internal and external malicious attacks
  • Advisory
    Advising government entities and agencies on how to incorporate privacy protections when managing personally identifiable information

  • Guiding government entities to make strategic and cost-efficient decisions when incorporating IT by implementing effective       IT Governance solutions
  • Identifying critical issues in systems and applications and simplifying complex change where necessary

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