About The BH5 Group.

BH5's core values are respect, reliability and honesty. These values guide our engagements and relationships with our clients. Our clients have come to appreciate and trust BH5 as a trusted advisor and partner.

What We Do

  • Government
    Government entities provide vital services to the general population and interact with multiple national and…
  • SaaS
    Software as a service (SaaS) is an efficient and cost effective method for organizations and…
  • Technology
    Technology integration into business and government entities’ operations poses many strategic and organizational challenges pertaining…
  • Healthcare
    The healthcare industry’s constantly changing environment presents unique challenges for technology and information security. Electronic…

Our Services

BH5 works with clients to assess risk to their environments and assets. Our suite of services along with our battle tested security teams ensure successful implementation of security controls to protect your organization

  • Security Assessments
    BH5 will work with organizations to help them determine and understand what their security posture is and what threats they might be vulnerable…
  • Compliance, Governance
    Organizations depend on information to operate their business or provide services to their clients. This information must be protected based on its value…
  • Application Security
    Applications are the primary target for malicious attackers trying to get into your network. Our security reviews identify high-risk threats, review security controls,…
  • Vulnerability Management
    It is critical to an organization to know its security posture? What vulnerabilities its systems are exposed to how to remediate the risk.…


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BH5 has helped numerous organizations with their security needs or questions. Drop us a line even if it's a question. We are always ready to help.

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